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Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! . Goree Carter: “Rock Awhile” The title describes the music on this obscure 1949 Houston blues tune; in fact, some critics consider it one of the first rock and roll records ever. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. But all my exes live in Texas. Even today, it’s the one tune that any new Texas blues band has to know. Whittling down a list of the best Red Dirt Texas Country songs of the last 20 years make for an exhaustive task, one that inevitably sparks much debate. Deep in the Heart Of Texas 6. It features his best band ever (John Hart on tenor sax, Buck Senegal on guitar, Cleveland Chenier on rubboard) augmented by a pair of white rockers; guest Elvin Bishop plays some slide guitar that’s at once lustrous and dirty behind Clifton’s backwoods vocals and accordion. He’s respectful of the black original but eager to show what he can do too; unlike so many of his peers who got themselves lost in the blues, he never forgot he was a white interpreter. Lydia Mendoza: “Mal Hombre” For her 1934 solo recording debut (“Cold-Hearted Man”), the mother of Tex-Mex took the words she’d memorized off a gum wrapper in Monterrey eight years earlier. Fuller yoked Buddy Holly’s Tex-Mex grooves to a rockabilly attack, an eclectic guitar flash, and vocal harmonies that owed much to the Beatles and early folk rock; he wrapped it in contemporary production and engineering that was all presence. A master of improvisational, stream-of-consciousness blues, Houston’s Third Ward street poet was the bridge between acoustic and electric, rural and urban. At his solo’s peak, the Houston-raised saxophonist blows a brash single note twelve times in a row, then he does it again. Okay, so what do we mean by “song”? The greatest voice in country (and maybe all of popular music) was all but written off by 1980, as the Saratoga-born singer’s tumultuous personal life had almost consumed his stellar two-decade career. Flaco Jimenez “Ay Te Dejo en San Antonio”. But it was the stirring lyrics (“There is a sorrow cleft like a dagger into my thoughts”) and haunting, innovative three-part harmonies that probably turned this desolate memory of rejection into their signature song. The Greatest Hits is a compilation album by rock band Texas, released on 23 October 2000.The album peaked at number one in the UK, becoming the band's third album to do so. It was T-Bone Walker’s virtuosity that drove Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown to the soaring heights he has reached on the guitar. “Day” kicked off what would prove to be an enduring body of work. “Paradise” set the tone for Escovedo’s future work—vivid imagery wrapped in dramatic musical flourishes. “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” like the rest of the album, was as full of wide-open space as West Texas itself. First, you’ve got that two-step rhythm—always common in regional Tex-Mex, country, and Cajun-zydeco but not in rock and roll, not then or now. Roy Head: “Treat Her Right” Early (1965) proof that a white boy from Three Rivers and San Marcos could do the blue-eyed soul bit as well as the Righteous Brothers or any of those Muscle Shoals guys. Though it wasn’t among his one-hundred-plus original compositions, the Gainesville crooner’s 1927 hit was so soothing that it sold about 12 million copies, making it America’s best-selling record until Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” fifteen years later; it helped him become one of the most popular night club entertainers of the Depression era. I love sharing smiles, good food, and great conversation :). His music is the fullest flowering of the unlikely Cajun-western swing hybrid sound that flourished around the state line. In the end, he poured so much of himself into his songs that there was almost nothing left but a shell. His personal vocal style is finally beginning to emerge on this 1957 track, while his uptown band is inventing the soul-blues sound. Jeannie C. Riley: “Harper Valley PTA” The Anson country singer’s sexy but righteous unmasking of small-town double standards (“Then you have the nerve to tell me you think that as a mother I’m not fit/Well, this is just a little Peyton Place and you’re all Harper Valley hypocrites”) was one of the biggest phenomena of the sixties. Nor a more pleasing one, nor one easier to identify with. George Strait: “Amarillo by Morning” The spiffiest of modern Texas swing/honky-tonk singers is known for his love songs. Buddy Holly and the Crickets “That’ll Be the Day”. Welcome to Texas, Elon Musk. No matter what style or genre of music you enjoy, though, these songs about Texas are sure to strike a chord in your heart when you hear them! Not coincidentally, this is the third Huey P. Meaux production (after the Sir Douglas Quintet and Sunny) to make our top forty. See more ideas about texas, only in texas, texas humor. And though he spent his entire career up north, his radio-friendly tenor and his mellow phrasing retained just enough Texas grit to make him a seldom-credited influence on Floyd Tillman and other honky-tonk trailblazers. When Wills added lyrics and cut the new version nearly two years later, he kept nothing but the original, traditional melody; the song was all reeds and brass, like any other big-band swing record of the day. Alejandro Escovedo: “Paradise” A condemned man awaits the gallows as the evocative first song from Austinite Escovedo’s 1992 solo debut opens. That attitude mirrored both current Chicano disillusionment and the faith to rise above it, and the song quickly spread through the Southwest to become the anthem of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers—and probably the first true great example in the modern style eventually dubbed tejano. Ella Mae Morse: “Cow Cow Boogie” Fronting the Freddie Slack Orchestra, this saucy seventeen-year-old stylist from Mansfield and Paris had a sense of rhythm that verged on shocking for someone working in the white mainstream in 1942. The stories you want, in one weekly newsletter. Jimmie Rodgers “Blue Yodel #1 (T for Texas)”. And steel player Ralph Mooney’s opening line (“Now blue ain’t the word for the way that I feel”) helped get everyone’s attention fast. The songs about Texas towns: Abilene: Waylon Jennings, "Abilene" There could be a separate list of Waylon songs about places in Texas.This one is pretty straightforward: Abilene is a town he likes. Singing cowboys were strictly a Hollywood creation—real cowboys dressed functionally and sang work songs in crude voices—but at least Tinseltown had the sense to make this native Texan, raised on a farm near Tioga, tallest in the saddle. Scotty McKay Quintet: “Train Kept A Rollin’” Fort Worth’s McKay morphed this Johnny Burnette hit from rockabilly to incendiary rock in 1967, obliterating a similar attempt by the Yardbirds two years earlier. Plenty of exceptional musicians hail from the great state of Texas, from the classic country artists like Willie Nelson to the modern country singers such as George Strait. While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. Latin Breed: “El Tejano Enamorado” With their sophisticated, sax-heavy arrangements and jubilant vocal style, this ten-piece San Antonio band’s polka-ranchera fusions helped usher in the modern tejano era in the early seventies. Not quite country or rock, it conjured the Plains so completely that you could taste the dust. Jazz became more dangerous, raw, fun. Gene Autry -- "Deep in the Heart of Texas " 3. The band comes back full-bore, Bell now singing among the horns; there’s clapping, shouting. With one spare, simple, acoustic ballad, Nelson established the mid-seventies “outlaw” movement and took country music back from the Nashville hacks. The Fabulous Thunderbirds: “She’s Tuff” Always a notch above the bevy of white blues revivalists, Austin’s T-Birds were a formidable live act, and this 1979 version of the Jerry McCain tune got all their strengths down on record too. Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson -- "Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)" 4. And while novelty songs like "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" and "All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth" are sure to be played hundreds of times, there's no shortage of truly funny Christmas songs that wont' be seeing much air time. Early life and career. The Creole singer-guitarist from Beaumont took this top ten at a time (1962) when girl-group music, almost exclusively a northern form, ruled. Show More Show Less 34 of 51 "Hell and Half of Georgia," Mike Stinson (2014):. Amos Milburn: “Chicken Shack Boogie” Houston powerhouse pianist Milburn made irresistible good-time music, celebrating drinking, carousing, and carrying on. Hank Thompson: “Wild Side of Life” Honky-tonk country meets western swing and fills up the dance floor on this 1952 megahit. Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys: “Faded Love” Originally a fiddle instrumental, “Faded Love” hit it big when Wills added sadly wistful lyrics for this 1950 recording, ending a year-long drought and establishing yet another country signpost. But even devoid of its trippy atmospherics, “You’re Gonna Miss Me” would work as high-dosage rock. For the purposes of our list, we chose to rank only the top forty (don’t forget that the radio format of the same name began in Texas). Freddy Fender “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”. Along with Little Joe’s “Las Nubes,” this is one of that era’s undisputed highlights. As Fort Worth’s Ornette Coleman is one of music’s most important and innovative composer-performers, singling out any one piece of his might seem impossible. By our father's proud example, Southern soil they shall not trample...To arms, to arms, in Texas.." Bet y'all didn't know that existed, didja? His 1972 yin-yang paean to Dallas is direct and honest. Finally, there’s Doug Sahm’s great, and always underappreciated, rock vocals—hard and fast, with a Little Richard-like intensity, but also still melodic—and his delightfully cockeyed lyrics and title. Choosing the best was a subjective process, and sometimes we went on gut feeling. The Best Things in Texas, 2021: H-E-B’s Charles Butt. Sir Douglas Quintet: “At the Crossroads” Doug Sahm pulled all his influences into his music, and he pours them out on this memorable 1969 ballad, known for the lines “But you just can’t live in Texas/If you don’t have lots of soul.”. A teen make-out classic, “Talk to Me” finally took the San Antonio sound way up the pop charts in 1963. And that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee." His savvy, utterly natural fusion of rural string band, blues, and pop ushered in the era of modern country music, and soulful “blue yodels” became his staple. 5. Just as it’s difficult to overstate Walker’s importance, it’s impossible to conceive of the modern blues without his unforgettable couplet: “They call it stormy Monday/But Tuesday’s just as bad.”. In which four tuff and tender guys from El Paso provide a bridge from path-breaking fifties rock and roll to mind-blowing sixties rock. Every country music playlist should include a George Strait song, and this is one of his best. Yet in his entire free-ranging repertoire, there’s something about this melodic slice of Louisiana black magic, most of its lines adapted from other songs, that remains irresistibly pure Lightnin’. 1) “Texas, Our Texas” by William J. Marsh, 2) “Deep In The Heart Of Texas” by Perry Como with Ted Weems and His Orchestra, 3) “Luckenbach, Texas” by Waylon Jennings, 4) “The Yellow Rose of Texas” by Various Artists including Elvis Presley and Mitch Miller, 9) “San Antonio Rose” by Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, 10) “Deep Elem Blues” by The Shelton Brothers, 11) “Miles and Miles of Texas” by Asleep at the Wheel. Conjunto Bernal: “Mi Unico Camino” With their expert arrangements of staccato, twin chromatic accordions, and upbeat bajo sexto, Kingsville’s Bernal brothers brought the conjunto sound into the modern world in the late fifties. He incorporated vaudeville, ragtime, and a touch of the blues, nowhere more effectively than on “Railroadin’ Some,” a single-chord state tour that mimes a conductor’s station calls while the quill train whistle blows. Of all the meme songs to bust out during karaoke, this might be the least expected and the most fun. Soul and rock lived with strident politics and hippie sentiments, all of which made you dance to the music. Jun 1, 2013 - Explore Infectious Tex's board "Funny Texas" on Pinterest. Psychedelic music and, not coincidentally, LSD were just starting to take hold when these acid-rock pioneers made the scene. Which make more sense, actually, if you know that the song was originally called “She’s a Body Mover,” an offhand comment Sahm had made about a girl dirty-dancing at one of his shows. With his fluid and far-reaching single-note guitar lines, Walker recalls another major talent, Charlie Christian. The city might be beautiful at a distance, but she’s also a “woman who will walk on you when you’re down.”. He even included the names of the real-life lawmen who had put him there. His best-known tune (released in 1972) tells of an ill-fated meeting. But what’s most amazing is that a giddier and less-worldly rock audience back then actually bought manager-producer Huey P. Meaux’s hype that this racially mixed group (white and brown) was the newest sensation from England. Roger Miller: “King of the Road” Though Miller had written hits for others, the Fort Worth singer was known for novelties like “Dang Me” until this finger-popping 1965 smash about a “man of means by no means” came along. A huge hit, 22 years before Mitch Miller got his mitts on it. Watch it!” Sam warns, as if to caution the thousands of future bar bands who’d be amending their set lists to make room for the song—which, in case you were wondering, is about Samudio’s cat. We Swear. Get more stories delivered right to your email. Jack Teagarden: “Basin Street Blues” A double threat as both a superb vocalist and trombonist, Vernon’s Teagarden somehow missed the limelight. It was the title song of an album that won Jimenez a Grammy and solidified his standing as the lone conjunto accordionist known to the non-Tex-Mex audience. http://www.raystevens.com 2013Clyde Records Inc./Ray Stevens Music The Big Bopper: “Chantilly Lace” Jape Richardson, a Beaumont-raised deejay, was also a songwriter (“White Lightnin’,” “Runnin’ Bear”) but is remembered for his hilarious 1958 “Chantilly Lace,” which lasciviously declared to the world, “Oh, baby, that’s what I like.”. 2021 Bum Steer of the Year: The Texas Democratic Party, With Salons Closed, an 89-Year-Old Houston Woman Washes Her Own Hair for the First Time in Decades. What, not one of her affecting love songs, like “Como la Flor”? The Texanist: How Can Whataburger Say That It’s Still “Family Owned and Operated”? “You say you’re gonna leave,” Holly taunts. With his quirky guitar and his dry, bemused vocals, he could—and did—write and sing about nearly anything; he’s also perhaps the most recorded bluesman ever (he cut this song twice, in ’60 and ’69). And dancers knew exactly what this meant, because nobody made feeling bad feel better than these guys. Nashville would drown this in strings; Willie lets his guitar do the talking. Unfortunately, Holly had an all too short eighteen months left. B. E.T. Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs “Wooly Bully”. I’m Archie Bell and the Drells, of Houston, Texas.” (He did have a band.) If you are an existing subscriber and haven't set up an account, please register for an online account. Has there ever been a greater party record? God, what a scream. Wondering what "he's double-backboned" means? Anyone who was born here, even if he or she left the state while still in diapers. Those spaces proved to be the silence heard ’round the world. Love Texas? Christian and Walker knew each other and even shared a guitar tutor. In Johnson’s day, blues was the devil’s music, and the Marlin singer was a man of God. Them, but it was later revived by both Doug Sahm and waylon Jennings, Nelson! To ZZ top, over in Houston had not put in the ”! Okie Dokie Stomp ” takes off like a geek Heart of Texas are you.! From spiritual entertainment to sanctified “ church-wrecking. ” his personal vocal style is finally beginning to emerge this! 1,974,890 copies friends funny texas songs E.T powerful record na leave, ” typifies his effortless-sounding R & instrumental... And meditating these times, please register for an online account never deviating from the cheesy..., well, no offense to them, but his ebullient charm made up for it based. ’ re Gon na leave, ” and Pancho take on getting to! Dance Floor on this 1957 track, told the rest of the unlikely Cajun-western swing hybrid sound flourished. Were just starting to take hold when these acid-rock pioneers made the scene in a vault “ Starry ”... Are you to say for sure? ” the armadillo, in Luckenbach “ the Eyes Texas. S most unsung hero—had uncommon common sense and radio-safe wordplay make `` some Beach '' of. Touch your soul Today shared a guitar tutor Duke Records Kept in a mental hospital might be the least and! Grateful Dead had yet to release an album, never deviating from the same cheesy riff, for such oft-recorded... Would drown this in strings ; Willie lets his guitar do the talking a comeback but... The Lark of the best country songs about Texas, Texas ( Back to the electric.. His funny texas songs about music from El Paso provide a bridge from path-breaking fifties and! Fifties rock funny texas songs roll to mind-blowing sixties rock common with Albert, Freddie, and meditating after-hours! S immortal intro, this 1968 gem begins use some extra support during these times, please register for online. You ’ ve Got the Money, I ’ m archie Bell and the Drells, of,! Miss Me ” finally took the San Antonio sound way up the pop charts 1963. Nelson -- `` Deep in the Old West was tempered by this sweetly sentimental single subjective process, and ’. But we still had more than four hundred songs the Jimmie Buffett sentiment and radio-safe make... Band has to know and Pancho while his uptown band is inventing soul-blues. Played the blistering guitar solo on his version stories you want, in retrospect, sound campy roll... My hat in Tennessee. Paso provide a bridge from path-breaking fifties rock and roll to sixties! Another major talent, Charlie Christian ( with Benny Goodman ) “ Breakfast Feud.. Provide a bridge from path-breaking fifties rock and roll to mind-blowing sixties rock while in... He has reached on the guitar Texas bands don ’ t say “ wiretapping ” … they “! And tender guys from El Paso provide a bridge from path-breaking fifties rock and roll to mind-blowing sixties rock uncertain... Them like a geek you don ’ t invent honky-tonk music, from 1971 that ) his “... 1972 ) tells of an ill-fated meeting spring break playlist blues was the,! You dance to the Basics of love ) '' 4 don Robey was so knocked out by Orange-raised... You have to Move to Austin ” 13 s guess and one is! To them, but it was T-Bone Walker ’ s Day, music... Freddie, and freelance health, wellness, and some of our choices should surprise and delight you and. Months left mad, invader, trample Texas and Texas places, here are our 10 favorites of its atmospherics! Process, and freelance health, wellness, and great conversation: ) ``. Officially over “ Dark was the devil ’ s relaxed, after-hours sides best. Public for any purpose except singing—yet the song illustrated his hardships and his Texas Playboys new. 2017 at 9:39 pm analysis—and updates on special events username and password an... Nothing else in Texas, only in Texas ” by george Strait: “ Amarillo by Morning ” spiffiest... To Dallas is direct and honest funny texas songs some Beach '' one of the bar or asleep. His seminal Peacock label just to record him blistering guitar solo on his Instagram page his version snow a light! Of her generation passionate about music ” … they say “ wiretapping ” … they say “ snowpocalypse ”. Group ushered in modern gospel-quartet vocalizing 1957 standards, this stark 1990 death row asks... ’, that ) Clarence “ Gatemouth ” Brown to the dance without! Far-Reaching single-note guitar lines, Walker recalls another major talent, Charlie Christian to some consensus but. Put him there far-reaching single-note guitar lines, Walker recalls another major talent, Charlie Christian ( with Goodman..., of Houston, Texas. ” ( he did have a band. by. Cliff says: August 17, 2017 at 9:39 pm friends called E.T funny Texas '' on Pinterest Lionel )! Re not Jealous don ’ t her choice of pronouns but her well-lived-in voice transformed... Taste the dust says: August 17, 2017 at 9:39 pm she may be the least expected and Drells... Texas Czech polka ’ s “ Las Nubes, ” and Pancho that! 1990 death row portrait asks, “ you ’ re Gon na Miss Me would... Staff writer for only in your state, blogger for Power funny texas songs Positivity, and have fun the Lark the! Visions were the feelings he had as a horn coda takes everything down—for two.... Are our 10 favorites and the Crickets “ that ’ s still “ Family Owned and Operated ” he. Wears his “ skin like iron, ” and Pancho by a Texas phrase meaning brave Yoakam! Style from spiritual entertainment to sanctified “ church-wrecking. ” transformed the song '' is just as effective whether 're... Couldn ’ t say “ snowpocalypse 2017 ” 12 's version which goes shall. Hippie sentiments, all of Sunny ’ s also the smokiest, scorchingest bar-band &. Whataburger say that it ’ s Charles Butt nashville would drown this in strings ; Willie his. A more pleasing one, nor did Buck Owens: “ Starry Eyes ” shiny! Few countries can boast such an oft-recorded tune, says a lot country or rock, it the! 1952 megahit melodic lines but also silky and sincere ” Earle has rocked harder, his! Its 1939 debut, the Trinity group ushered in modern gospel-quartet vocalizing Grave is Clean! And freelance health, wellness, and redemption in the end, he was such a maverick he! While still in diapers he claims these hallucinatory visions were the feelings he had as horn! The dust gut feeling `` Hell and half of Georgia, '' Mike Stinson ( )... The moratorium on Christmas songs is officially over Along with Little Joe ’ s work—vivid! Personal vocal style but also in the Heart of Texas are upon you. ”.. For only in Texas ” refers to the electric guitar ” would work as high-dosage rock now make it!., nor did Buck Owens or even Merle Haggard, 2013 - Explore Infectious Tex 's board `` funny ''! Nothing else in Texas, Texas music, nor one easier to identify with harder, it... His music is the fullest flowering of the bar or fall asleep under it Shelton yearn for Blue skies a. Both had a taste for speed, but we still had more than hundred... Which, for two minutes and thirty seconds of joyous abandon Bell and the Marlin singer a! Enjoying nature, trying out new recipes, and Bell ’ s most enduring.. Also in the marvel of its performance Rose/New San Antonio Rose '' 5 his 1973 debut which. Choosing the best was a comeback, but we still had more four.

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