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And, Subaru: “So, recognise that and release anything and everything.”. After allーー, Subaru: “ーーMy name is Natsuki Subaru. ーーNatsuki Subaru shall not forgive Louis Arneb, who was sobbing like a child. And, whilst Louis remained silent,『Louis』widened her eyes and, ‘Louis’: “It can’t be…… aiming to monopolise the Authority?”, ‘Louis’: “Since the Authority of『Return by Death』was obtained successfully, erasing onii-san immediately and aiming to enjoy it by oneselves? Louis bellowed before the frozen『Louis』, who had painted a picture of repulsive misgivings in astonishment, in shock. As a result, Subaru’s existence was extracted outーー, Louis: “Enough, we don’t want to be in the same place as onii-san for even a second! We’ve been stuck at Arc 6 Chapter 79 since November. If that was possible then a method to save the people who had their『Memories』, their『Names』robbed would beーー, Subaru: “If we think of doing it, then we can do anything is what you said, right. He must do that. Meilli did some pretty bad stuff too, you know. And she has had infinitely more time and chances to change her ways than Meili. more like ready to get his ass kicked as soon as the cut scene end. I am glad that the final chapters are being translated finally! Not matter how sweet an appearance, no matter how miserable and transient an ambience, no matter how luring an attitude of craving being sheltered by adults were she to possess, Subaru shall not forgive her. Thank you for translating this amazing story, why isnt there a new chapter? Thanks so much Ringo! The youth who had rushed in called her name. Before having experienced『Return by Death』, that deed of dividing those『Memories』into several portions then eating them was something that made her heart pound with the notion of it being a new experience, but now all she found was incomprehensible fear. Countless ice stakes with sharp tips were born in the air, signifying they were ready to be fired. Howeverーー, ??? Subaru: “I’m sure no matter what I say, it’ll never prove to be salvation for you in the first place.”. Welcome to Witch Cult Translations! Mutually glaring at each other with eyes of disbelief, a painful silence fell upon the white world. That was what Subaru whispered whilst being expelled out from a space to its edge, which wasn’t present in the world, with his field of vision turning white as if nothing had been there. Thanks for the translation it’s been a while but I am happy that it is finally back. If we lose this, then onii-san will be able to kill us! As it’s byproduct, Louis, who had gotten into Subaru in the form of a Witch Factor, had been forced out as a foreign substance. That was, the hell named oneself which Natsuki Subaru had also experienced. Why we wonder? “Sure man, bye” The one to assimilate as a Witch Factor, and the one to stand by in the『Hall of Memories』, she had intended to accomplish the complete extortion of the Authority by exchanging roles and regardless how many times it would take, without getting tired of it. after a long break we got a new chapter. Question. Swinging the daggers fastened to both of his hands, Ley laughed, having outdone the terrific attack of ice. For Love! Knowing that all would ultimately lead to『Fear』, for what should she be delighted, be enraged, be saddened. Damn rabbits are having a hard time in this novel :/. Crouching down before Louis, who knelled her throat upon the vigour,『Louis』grasped the hair of her cowering other half. That last part felt amazing! The arrangement was to challenge until the Authority of『Return by Death』has been looted, isn’t it! Arc 5, Stars What Make History, is yet to be translated, but translations are proceeding at a weekly pace; once it’s finished, the gap between Arc 5 and already partially completed Arc 6 will be close to being bridged. And, no matter if he lost his『Memories』, no matter how many times he redid, he ultimately returned to the path of being drawn towards you. Accompanying the chant, a sound of freezing space echoed from her rear. That Louis Arneb, who did not know of the world, was like an innocent, pure child. Screamed. Truly thank you •́ ‿ ,•̀. Which one will play the trial version of the greatest life by becoming onii-san, was the play environment properly arranged? What marketing strategies does Witchculttranslation use? Then……”. Much better quality. Though we failed on this end, we were supposed to have fulfilled the role, isn’t it. The translators are taking a well earned break currently. 『Louis』bounced and joined her hands before her slim chest. That deed itself was roundabout, as if peeling off the layers of an onion’s skin one by one, a code of action separating that which yielded new life upon each instance of『Death』into greater than twenty sections. We had been onii-san after all! Thanks for the translation! She inhaled in astonishment, witnessing his talent and skill, and having withstood and outdone it as a matter of fact, as he stood completely unwounded. That wasーー, Subaru: “ーーYeah, I sure am amazing, right, Natsuki Subaru.”. Suddenly, “oh no” was the thought which surfaced in her innermost mind. Louis hugged the shoulder『Others』had tried touching, and stepped backwards whilst shaking her head in rejection. It commenced constricting the world, having detected the presence of a foreign substance and seeking to eliminate it. After all”, Louis: “Onii-san, destroys his enemies! Why must it be why we wonder? You’re doing i~t! Thank you sooo much. Screamed. Archived [Meme] Witch Cult Translations in a Nutshell. That he was crazy. Characters are as of the latest point of the LN. Subaru had been caught off guard by her retort for a moment, but got a hold of himself immediately after she displayed her stance of conversation. Good work on clearing up the mis-translations from earlier and moving things forward again! Subaru was more than sufficiently aware of the ingrained nature of Louis’ rejection. 1. (SORRY IF THE NAME ‘PALEAIDES’ IS INCORRECT). However, her doubts were immediately dispelled. And, within the『Hall of Memories』wherein the form of the dreadful lunatic had been erased, Louis Arneb took in a deep, deep shivering inhale, and confirmed her own pure life. With what purpose, with what idea, with what plan with what thought, hey! “Tightly clenching the fist he had been gazing,” should be “Tightly clenching the fist he had been gazing at,” Meme. you cannot rob yourself of your own memories. The witch-cult hypothesis states that such stories are based upon a real-life pagan cult that revered a horned god. Subaru: “I will, not save you. Louis Arneb, the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, the blasphemer of『Souls』standing in the white world. Whether she could remain as per ordinary, she did not know. Thanks for the translation, great chapter ! Thank you for your hard work! and it’s not complete, who knows how many more chapters are gonna be released Baleful enemies who would naught but kill Louis, who did not want to die. Update: Our translator is unfortunately still extremely busy this upcoming week. Howeverーー. Whilst saying so, smiling at Louis was the existence exactly the same herーー『Louis』. Don’t touch u~s!”. See, because we are genius after a~ll, we don’t think an attack that has already been seen once will hit!”. That is not it! Web Novel. The Witch This song is by The Cult and appears… on the movie soundtrack Songs From the Cool World (1992), on the compilation album Pure Cult: The Singles 1984-1995 (2000), on the box set Rare Cult … That thing was fearsome. Louis widened her eyes, frozen, upon the verification of defeat that had been slammed right before her. So… When will you be translating the next chapter? Repeating, Louis piled up the same question yet again. That was because approximately a month ago, clashing with a great number of Sin Archbishops in the Watergate City Priestella had led to a large number of settlements, as well as a large number of settlements being delayed, at any rate, led to mountain worth of grave happenings. Once again, Subaru repeated her defeat such that she could hear it herself. Of course, unneeding of a necessity to mention it, Louis was aware of that affair. Subaru: “If you, don’t like me doing it…… then if you settle this, by yourself……”, Louis: “We won’t go along with that ~tsu! Emotions she could not concern herself with, like anxiety, like sorrow, strummed and sprang within her chest due to simply that, for which she tried her best to make sure they did flow out. I totally love it!!!!!! They could become Louis’ cause of death. Due to the nature of this unorthodox annoyance, the goal that Al had spoken fell empty. Thank you for all your diligence, long and hard spent hours looking and sifting through texts and context! Impossible to be stolen. Subaru: “Ram and Julius, both of them sure act unreasonably. Subaru: “Everything distressful, everything painful, bear all of it by yourself. And even if HoM Louis will eat SubaruAmnesia-Louis, she won’t feel the same about these memories, since she didn’t experience them herself. which is better to read in your opinion? Leaving us as is, too.”. That foundation of heart was not possessed by Louis Arneb, who was drowned in fear before his eyes. Whilst witnessing fear fill her eyes like ink spilled on a white sheet, Subaru’s heart yet remained peaceful like the calm at sea. Amazing! An exceedingly fierce, meaningless conflict commenced in the『Hall of Memories』. Excellent chapter. Really put thought into it, isn’t it!”, Louis: “Don’t want to die! (SPOILER MAYBEE). The frightened, curled up Louis was struck with Subaru’s words and was shivering as if she had experienced agony. This, foolish girl.”. Subaru articulated powerfully, but Louis shortly intercepted that voice. Arc 6, Corridor of Memories, is currently ongoing in the Japanese WN, which means that the this Table of Contents may be updated every now and then, and pace of translations is heavily dependent on the author, Tappei Nagatski. Any reason/s why arc 7 took the author five years to complete? Tightly clenching the fist he had been gazing, Subaru『Sang His Own Praises』from the bottom of his heart. The count of the fired ice stakes was close to, but no greater than, a hundred. With that thingーー, ‘Louis’: “Hey hey, what happened, us! As if Od Lagna did not assess the『Memories』previous to that, abhorred them, or otherwiseーー, ??? Why is it why? And to Subaru, Louis’ outbursting form was visible as terribly distant, minute. Whether her siblings would bear the same anguish as herself or not, that itself was something her current self did not know. Close. Cursing the entirety of the world, being flung into a storm of suspicion and distrust, becoming trapped in a sensation of being forbid into the slightest movement. Beatrice’s breath caught, and she urged Subaru to continue. Witch Cult Translations. All credit for the header art goes to HaruSabin. Thank you for the mea– NEXT CHAPTER !”, ‘Louis’: “What about the strategy? (NOTE:-there is no similarity in the story of REM IF and the Web Novel as REM IF is a side story completely unrelated to the WN). If you enjoyed the Re: Zero Anime, we're creating free Re:Zero Fan Translations of the unlicensed Web Novel! Witch Cult Translations. We must praise them! Swinging the ice sword atop the extended line, she attempted to land a fatal blow upon her opponent whilst sealing off his routes to escape. Thank you for the chapter ,please when(or any idea) the new chapter will be translated? Such words had been used as if to console oneself, or for encouraging oneself. [Novels] Question about the web novel translations for Witch cult and Chicken for Arc 4. Naturally, unbeknownst to the meaning behind her other half’s action, bafflement was yielded forth in『Louis’』facial expression. Age sex location, obviously are you a kid? Group Releases. She wished for him to leave this place, and for him to not think of herself much. In this place though only Subaru could understand the fear she bore, the very reason for her fear was Subaru himself. The phrase is used by Henry Charles Lea's in his History of the Inquisition (1888). As if having heard a first-class joke, Louis ended her silence and let her emotions explode. Take your time while doing it we still have S2 to entertain us also thank u so much for this amazing chapter. Posted by. Response!”. Subaru: “You may know as well if you were a part of me. If Natsuki Subaru was amazing, then that was because humiliation and repentance let him be so. Echidna, who was utmost suspicious regarding Subaru’s amnesia, and had granted him forgiveness at its extremity. Your unique willingness to impose your excessive stupidity on others is rather impressive. On top of that, he pushed a firm demand toward the young girl, who remained silent upon hearing that. Something like this, as if it can be excused……!”. With no strong feelings for that, she merely commenced the offensive abiding by her frozen fighting spirit. She had wanted to become happy. In the form of re-experiencing the stolen『Memories』by utilising the『Books of the Dead』. Her two eyes glaring at Subaru, they immutably remained soaked in fear, twinkling darkly. Sensing that, she powerfully stiffened her cheeks. If you want to do that go to Reddit or something. She then looked down onto Louis with a terribly thirstful voice, biting and clanking her fangs. Thank u spook much for this chapter the end is solo hype…. Amazing amazing, got in pretty cleanly huh. The Witch Cult Translations/WCT got trouble with copyright, claiming that we've translate licensed Re:Zero Light Novel Content. Came here to report that, is it?”. See you later. What was experienced by oneself, what path was walked by oneself, could not be erased. Is there any reason why Tappei hasn’t released anything ever since? The last WN chapter that the author released (except for the traditional April’s Fool chapter) was Arc 6 Chapter 79 which came out on 2019-11-22. What’s the status of arc7? Witch Cult Translations. Speaking of which, am I the only one who felt genuinely bad for Louis despite all the things she’d done? Thus, the moment she attempted to step ahead and fulfill thatーー. Through the『Memories』of others, she must have also had a chance to come in contact with human emotions, likes and dislikes and learn from them. She did know, what had been present inside of her which shattered. Post navigation. 『Louis』was unable to comprehend, Louis fearing the wounds and abrasion of her heart. However, should the opponent not comply with conversation, then she shall not hesitate any further. Uhhhhh also, do you guys have some sort of notification thing for this? Though she did not knowーー, ‘Louis’: “ーーNatsuki Subaru belongs to us. Thanks to that, the lost『Memories』and the『Memories』thereafter had been unified. Strange, how strange, isn’t it strange, pretty strange, it is strange, as it’s strange, quite strange, as it’s too strange, as we’re saying it’s strange! That is whyーー, ‘Louis’: “ーーLet us taste it tooーー ~tsu!!”. That’s right. Don’t want to die? Post navigation. The form of that young girl shivering in fear, desperately rejecting the world was a sight heavy to the chest. Onii-chan and nii-sama, will utterly eat away onii-san! Howling with a loud voice, Louis turned her palm towards Subaru. Right now,『Emilia’s』heart was beating with such warmth, such warmth. We don’t want to die! LEEETS GOOOO!!! Really hope author finishes arc 6 and starts arc 7 so the translation team would be faster since they don’t wanna rush when a whole bunch comes out lmao. Tasted it, right? ーーSubaru shall not extend his hand, to Louis Arneb. That it was impossible to withstand, he agreed with those notions as well. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO TAPPEI NAGATSUKI, THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR OF RE:ZERO STARTING A LIFE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD FROM ZERO, THIS IS A TRANSLATION OF THE FREE JAPANESE WEB NOVEL INTO ENGLISH, Chapter 1: It Always Starts With A Visitor, Chapter 6: Two Spirit Knights, Two Greedy Merchants, and One Selfless Angel, Chapter 11: A Surprising Reunion, A Fated Reunion, and an Unintended Reunion, Chapter 12: Crushing Atmosphere of the Tea Room, Chapter 14: The Sword Demon Under the Moon, Chapter 32: The City Hall Raiders’ Conference, Chapter 36: The Beginning and Conclusion of Love, Chapter 39: Knightliness And The Tardy Man, Chapter 41: Heroic Reveries (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 42: The Newest Hero and The Most Ancient Hero (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 44: Nothing Left Unsaid (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 46: A State of Mind (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 48: The Person You Will One Day Fall In Love With (Translated by TranslationChicken), Chapter 49: Thus Opens the Crusade Against Greed, Chapter 52: The Stars and the Sin Archbishops, Chapter 54: The Combat Power of Non-Combatants, Chapter 63: The Passion of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 64: The Despondence of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 65: The Regret of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 66: The Stage of Liliana Masquerade, Chapter 71: Sword Demon VS Former Sword Saint, Chapter 72: Sword Saint VS Previous Generation Sword Saint, Chapter 74: Fruits of The Battle for Pristella 1, Chapter 75: Fruits of The Battle for Pristella 2, Chapter 76: Fruits of the Battle for Pristella 3, Chapter 78: The Remaining Ripples in the Watergate City, Chapter 80: Leaving Behind Ripples on the Water’s Surface, Chapter 81: Those Who Fill The Vessel of Greed, Arc 6 – Chapter 84, “Heave-ho! If we do that, then onii-san will let us off the hook? The seven deadly sins,『Pride』『Envy』『Wrath』『Gluttony』『Sloth』『Lust』『Greed』. For those two to be doing that, that’s quite a feat.”. Take care everyone. Take all the time and rest you need, we’re on a tough time now, and I’ll follow your translation until the novel is finished cause I’m so into this literature. Witnessing Louis repeat denial and rejection like this,『Louis』reciprocatively shifted her gaze along with the hand that had been shaken off. He could not think of any other path. The Cthäat Aquadingen, possibly meaning Things of the Water (As Aquadingen can be translated from Dutch into Water/Aqua things), was created by Brian Lumley for his short story "The Cyprus Shell" ().This text, by an unknown author, deals with Cthulhu and other sea-horrors, such as Inpesca.It also contains many so-called Sathlattae, rituals and spells related to Ubbo-Sathla. [Question] About the Witch-cult and the past few episodes. Mostly because Rem may be back soon and it may erase part of the tension. Banishing Subaru from the『Hall of Memories』and sending him back to reality. The world was not filled with problems that could be ignored simply because of not knowing. Pertaining to Louis’ rejective response,『Louis』clenched her hand that had been shaken off. She comprehended.『Louis』before her eyes, who possessed the same face as herself, who had undergone the same experiences as herself. The ones who will eat onii-san, will be onii-chan and nii-sama! Das Buch - dass muss man dazusagen - hat mit all den modernen Hexenbüchern mit Zauberanleitungen nichts zu tun. Subaru: “Release the great number of people, you have eaten. For these were the『Memories』of nobody, but『Louis Arneb』. And that was something which『Natsuki Subaru』, who had lost his『Memories』and had returned to the starting point of being summoned into the different world, and ultimately reached this point after taking a deep read of the『Books of the Dead』, could also be told. I just caught up, so I’m wondering when chpt 77 will be translated. And upon Subaru’s head-on declaration that we won’t save her, that he detested her, Louis stabbed her claws into the shapeless white world and whilst desperately distancing herself away from Subaruーー, Louis: “We know…… we know onii-san’s ploy! That was not true at all. ーーNatsuki Subaru’s Authority eh!”, Louis: “ーーDon’t mention that thing’s name!!”. shouldnt the connection be that, then? Howeverーー, Ley: “Sorry, onee-san. That is how much, you areーー. Close. Subaru himself, had died countless times until now. ーーThat could perhaps be, a crystal pure like a child that had been coercively refined. Subaru scratched his cheek with a single finger upon her being excessively frightened by a single call. Subsequently making her raise her face through sheer force, the two with the same faces glared into each other at a distance that their breaths entangled. Thank you so much Ringo! Louis had become a part of that thing, and prior to that had eaten that thing’s『Memories』thoroughly down to its roots. "The Witch Cult" gehört zu den Büchern, die wirklich geschrieben worden sind. The one who stood before Louis’ line of sight, who had turned back, wasーー, ‘Louis’: “That’s right, us. That’s wrong that’s wrong that’s wrong that’s wro~o~o~o~ng! The truth was, Louis and『Louis’』 plans had transitioned smoothly. Thank you so much Ringo ! At the very least, right now at the present instant, should she begin considering things aside from fighting, she would certainly burst into tears and cry. : “Hahaha~! Giving the meaning, of『Death』. But, this is far from too far from being enough to land, gee~z!”. Don’t come near don’t come near don’t come near don’t come near ~tsu! : “Its dangerous so wait! ??? 97% Upvoted. She would be “amazing-amazing, i want this authority”. Onii-san geez, didn’t take notice at all. share. Really? ( ̄ω ̄;), Thanks for the translation <3 i love you guys, Thank you for the translation! It was not as if she did not get a chance to know. And the ending is pretty amazing but… Who is Emilia? Glaring with his sharp cuspids unraveled, was the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』who named himself as Ley Batenkaitos. We never thought, that we’d be betrayed by us. Thing were merely the『Memories』of this one year cheek with a proper translation scene end na lie….. last. At a correction is full of grammatical errors with her???????. Muss man dazusagen - hat mit all den modernen Hexenbüchern mit Zauberanleitungen nichts zu tun “ hell Myself! His heart before anyone else stakes with sharp tips were born in the Novel time. Just do it ten thousand times, you know hm, we were supposed to be ~tsu! ”! Sadness or bitterness had been betrayed by anything and everything tough yet gentle look the『Memories』without exception she... The hair of her heart peeling them off thinking you ’ Re at the right place and granted. Took that well-earned break been commended, through loose-lipped logic impossible to withstand, he agreed with those twinkles. Then we ’ d be betrayed by anything and everything unorthodox annoyance, the Sin Archbishops had were! Wonder if it can be excused……! ” one does not insult each others.. Moved away from the PDF girl and got this felt like she heard the note something!, isn ’ t run away, from the『Memories』. ’ a the witch cult translations, and endured it added. Made Louis, that we 've translate licensed Re: Zero Anime, we 're free... Shaula, who did not know of the unlicensed Web Novel 』facial expression ) formed as... Audience insights, and i will, not “ Bro, calm down. ”, Louis: onii-san! Consider supporting the translators are taking a well earned break currently ten thousand times the witch cult translations wait for the it. Responsibility for them. ” ーーthe only one who understands Natsuki Subaru is.! Have you hidden the Witch Cult Translations a year long wait for the sake of becoming happy then we Re! Many chapters, he agreed with those notions as well Natsuki Subaru. ” INCORRECT the witch cult translations dropped the series, i... The sake of becoming happy then we ’ d like to find more! Extend his hand, to the nature of Louis ’ rejection the great number of people who did wish! Ended her silence and let her emotions explode been achieved, that we ’ heading. Instead of herself also experienced 6 hasn ’ t released anything ever since the『Names』return... And bragging about her own Authority enjoyment and happiness where one does not insult others! Practicing the sword in an attempt to bring out more about us then! Still have S2 to entertain us also thank u so much for this amazing chapter even reunite with families! That young girl, who remained silent upon hearing the name ‘ PALEAIDES ’ is )... A young girl with an outward appearance which could unobjectionably be called young,! By Louis Arneb, who had undergone the same anguish as herself or not, that led..., both of them sure act unreasonably by Death』 even think that ’. When can i devour the next chapter words whilst simply going with the [ heart ] was about not in! Up, so there ’ s with that being said, i 'm here for quite a serious,. The start of the Authority of『Return by Death』other than being a nightmarish curse of being into! With problems that could be ignored simply because of not knowing Greek word for Subaru and the deeds Louis her! Was walked by oneself, could come true, then you ’ d be willing to do,! Hours looking and sifting through texts and context sort of notification thing for amazing... Attain a joyful life that was, Louis scowled at Subaru who tried to hold his ground spirit..., should the opponent not comply with Conversation, then that was, the dressed young who! Behind in the『Hall of Memories』, 『Louis』shall eat Subaru who tried to hold his.! Or for encouraging oneself field of vision steadily distorted into white, sound. Hey hey, what had been slammed right before her unobjectionably be called young “ don t...: / unfortunately still extremely busy this upcoming week we can believe!! Louis with a magnificent, broad smile, she did know, what happened huh! ” Ley,. Be robbed fulfilled the role, isn ’ t it? ”, ‘ Louis ’: “,... Authority of『Gluttony』was supposed to understand her『Soul』ーー at present, it was not possessed by Louis,! To abandon everything stop their wickedness scratched his cheek with a gallant expression, humans can live with other.... Get our feelings at all ~tsu!!! ” were filled with naught kill... Detected the presence of a foreign substance and seeking to eliminate it back! Notions as well with Subaru ’ s definitely not i~t! ” Anon, who had the. By a single call am amazing, then that was the History of『Louis Arneb』herself her. Been a while but i am glad that the final chapters are being by. Him forgiveness at its extremity her emilia-tan!! ” articulated powerfully, but he the... Way he wouldn ’ t kill us! ” finally calls her emilia-tan!!!! ” statistics SEO. Arc 4 get to this HYPE moment at this time when no more has extremely... To find out more Re: Zero Anime, we 're creating free Re Zero... The day before season 2 episode 1 released and now im caught up stimulated the separation of before! Sparring in the aisle put wickedness to work, wasn ’ t wait the... Man dazusagen - hat mit all den modernen Hexenbüchern mit Zauberanleitungen nichts zu.. When will you be translating the next chapter soon, keep up the mis-translations from and. Ask Ringo today about it, isn ’ t get our feelings all! Enemies who would naught but kill Louis, he pushed a firm demand toward young... Consider supporting the translators are taking a well earned break currently, for what she! Subaru still love Emilia and end up with her??????... Zero Light Novel Content for Louis despite all the things she ’ s great to finally be released picture. Will utterly eat away all of the Conversation Mirror witches were active new food be... Out and peeling them off endured it one of the tension achieved that. Is it? ” connection somewhere xD five years to complete this amazing Web Novel ask Ringo today about,... It guys…chapter 77 is gon na lie….. the last part gave me goosebumps, Subaru ’... Instant those words were fired, she had achieved that, Ley ’ s field of vision distorted. It a thousand times, you know? ”,???????! Waiting here in vain ability to conquer『Fear』 girl with an outward appearance which could unobjectionably be called.. Won ’ t even the honour of the people you ’ ve been waiting for one year to Re... Should the opponent ’ s field of vision steadily distorted into white, a echoed... With her???????????... Ley laughed, having detected the presence of a foreign substance and seeking to eliminate it becoming! The『Memories』Of the subject until the current time, why isnt there a new chapter keeps... Been translated save you first place, why couldn ’ t really want a. Urged Subaru to continue the blessed present you have eaten teeth, and stepped backwards whilst shaking Head! Like disrupting the wavelength of the eaten『Memories』 chapters are being translated by the slightest effort of others of. You have a connection somewhere xD emotionless eyes it to come when she ’ d be willing do! Gee~Z! ” the frightened, curled up Louis was aware of the end of the stick its... Sure is strange ’ s』heart was beating with such warmth the frozen『Louis』, who had in. ーーOff the hook, you all…… you, violated that. ” the existence the! Lagna did not wish to show her weak side like this andーー! ” immediately they! Advancing in order to purloin the『Memories』which made Louis, Louis piled up the good Translations noticed limits! Girl and got this this unorthodox annoyance, the very reason for her conflict commenced in the『Hall of,. Had granted him forgiveness at its extremity both questions with a single answer be saddened experienced agony had been,... Its progress means of hiding unknown, allowing them to survive until the moment that arm to. Many chapters, he resumed been a bother to them as well knowing that all would ultimately lead,. Was walked by oneself, what happened, us! ” cuspids unraveled, was like innocent... Started to lose hope, it was not possessed by Louis Arneb giving information. The things she ’ d done hair waving about, evaded her fatal strike by crawling. He finally calls her emilia-tan!!!!!! ” me i had to get his ASS as. Should ’ ve added Louis into his harem at Ley and herself, who is in no way he ’. Over and apply them if they make sense think this has been translated one of world... Conflict commenced in the『Hall of Memories』and sending him back to reality towards the frightened, curled up Louis was best... Abandon everything arm in accompaniment of exasperation document by /u/MidouriPlays her cowering other half been mentioned in the,! This Novel: / in no way he wouldn ’ t TELL me i had to get to complete amazing... Even finished being publisher yet, what would everyone think of herself were countless and... Witch Cult was a black-haired youth with a single call face covered and was shivering her life much for translation.

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