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[citation needed], Vax, along with Vex, was born in the humble village of Byroden due to the union of a human woman named Elaina and an elven man named Syldor Vessar. I've known you for a long time now, and I have seen the strength in you growing. Fan art of Keyleth, Vax'ildan, and Vex'ahlia after Vax's resurrection ritual in "Curious Tides" (1x89), by Elaine Tipping. Critical Role: Vex'Ahlia #603 Vex On Broom SDCC 2020 Shared Exclusive at the best … [art 20]. The twins were confused by the exhuberant druid, who had never heard of half-elves being mistreated before. She kissed him on the forehead in parting. After several events, the two ended up on good terms once more and later become in-laws, through Percy's marriage to Vax's sister, Vex. Along with twin sister Vex'ahlia, Vax was born by a chance encounter between elven royalty and human peasantry. "Thordak" (1x79) Killed in battle against a kraken[11]Disintegrated by Vecna[12]Strangled to death by Artagan in the Feywild[13]Returned to the Raven Queen following the defeat of Vecna[14] They returned to Byroden, only to see their childhood home destroyed and their mother gone. Vox Machina flew down to Vasselheim on the back of J'mon Sa Ord and announced to the city the defeat of Vecna. Fighting Style: Archery (+2 to ranged attack rolls), Bonus Proficiencies (Disguise kit, poisoner's kit), "Darling...take the mask off." Like his twin sister Vex'ahlia, Vax is a twenty-eight-year-old half-elf. Int Alignment See ", Vex'ahlia's level 18 stats were shown onscreen. Vax said his goodbyes, one by one, to each of them. 20 Liam O'Brien added +1 to Vax's Constitution score, meaning he took the Resilient feat for that saving throw when he reached Paladin 4. Satellite Call Sara Bareilles • The Blessed Unrest. [86][87] When Pike confronted him about his avoiding her, the two came to an understanding, with Vax still believing that despite their differing patrons, he can still follow in Pike's footsteps.[88]. Many other members of Vox Machina were taken aback by what they perceived to be a harsh lesson, and, when Kynan began to cry, Vax compromised and told the boy that he should return the day that he is ready—and Vax promised to mentor him when that day comes. Gilmore, although saddened by the news, took it very well, and after a final kiss, the two parted amicably. Race "Tangled Depths" (1x88)"Race to the Tower" (1x102)"Dark Dealings" (1x112)"The Chapter Closes" (1x115) [art 11]. [59], Vex eventually is offered power in exchange for her heart by Saundor. Vax'ildan, along with Vex'ahlia, Trinket, Pike, and Keyleth, headed to the Raven's Crest in Vasselheim. During the fight, Keyleth arrived with her friend Tiberius, and they joined the battle. Vex'ahlia shooting at a basilisk with her eyes closed, by Olivia Samson. Vax confided in Gilmore about the recent troubles and brushes with death he'd had, and told him that he wouldn't be alive today if not for Gilmore's assistance. Pike took Vax'ildan aside, telling him she knew he was avoiding her. As she appeared before them, Percy tried to intervene, but was held back. Vax'ildan, along with his sister Vex'ahlia, was on a quest to kill Thordak, the ancient red dragon that killed their mother when it destroyed their home town of Byroden. See ", The spelling of "Blazing Bowstring" was obtained from Matthew Mercer's reddit comment on, Obtained in a stone giant fortress. They destroyed him in his weakened state, ensuring that he would never be able to exact his revenge on Vax'ildan and Pike. [40] By accepting that role and coming to an understanding, Vax found what he had been lacking and became more at ease. [98], After his death at Thar Amphala, Vax agreed to the Raven Queen's offer of returning as a revenant so that he could fulfill his charge of sealing or defeating Vecna. "Dalen's Closet" (Sx47) After several years of cold reception from the Syngornian elves, the twins set off on their own. They shared an awkward moment of doubt and remembrance of their previous conversation about their relationship, and Vax asked Gilmore if he had any insight into the Deathwalker's Ward. "Vecna, the Ascended" (1x114) Also, he is adorable—and gives expert massages. Stats This shocked and hurt Vax'ildan deeply, and he argued back that they all loved him. Level During dinner, Vax slipped him the potion, then hid himself and Keyleth from view. C6 Vax has access to paladin spells up to 2nd-level. To prove his point, Vax knocked Kynan unconscious with a single strike of his dagger pommel, without warning, followed immediately by a health potion. (confessing her love to Percy during his resurrection ritual; referencing when she told Saundor, "My heart is someone else's. "Never entirely welcome in the company of elves or men, Vax'ildan learned at a young age to skip past formality, preferring instead to invite himself in your door. Grog, who had also been swallowed, managed to force the creature to spit them out, but when Vax was spat out, he was already dead. Keyleth grabbed his lifeless body and Plane Shifted back to Vesrah, bringing Vex'ahlia along. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Vax arrived at Harold's dual-purpose shop and living quarters, Harold had already closed up shop, and Kynan, who had apparently quarreled with his father recently, had packed up his things and left. Vax has access to druid spells up to 1st-level. Vax'ildan's portrait in Pillars of Eternity II: Dreadfire. Appearing in Vesrah, Keyleth and Vex'ahlia franctically looked for a cleric. The group decided to work together this time, and boarded the Mockingbird. After joining the Slayer's Take, Vax'ildan has the brand of the guild on his right arm. Vax assures Highbearer Vord that the Raven Queen has been allowing him to sense Vecna, and he no longer can. Her frugal nature is the result of Vax and herself having to fend for themselves during their teenage years. Vax dealt with the Clasp but the client is still out there. Some time later, Vax, alive and nude, walked out of the trees, safely returned by the Raven Queen's pact. She is identical in appearance to Vax, albeit two inches shorter than him. Vesper Elaina de Rolo3 is the first child of Vex'ahlia de Rolo and Percival de Rolo, presumably named after Percy's eldest sister, and Vex'ahlia and Vax'ildan's mother. The d20 features an icon of arrows crossed over a … 11 Born of a human mother and an elven father—who only later in life took an interest in their existence—, Vex'ahlia and her twin brother Vax'ildan quickly realized the only people they could truly rely on in this world were each other. "Trial of the Take: Part 3" (1x20) Vax protested, saying he still wanted to help his friends. "Umbrasyl" (1x55) Before they go, Vax'ildan calls out to Gilmore to say goodbye. "Like so many half-elves, Vex'ahlia has spent most of her life suffering the cool reception of a people who don't fully accept her. They tried to topple the tower of Entropis, but the top of the tower remained levitating in the air. See ", Vax takes his first level in Paladin to the Raven Queen. Reference(s) Deceased C8 He was pulled out by Pike and Trinket before he could suffer any more damage. Her tendency to haggle stems from her frugality. Vex, along with Percy, Grog, and Scanlan, travel with two members of the guild to track down a White Dragon. Fan art of Scanlan saving Vax'ildan from Hotis in "A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58), by Hugo Cardenas. Talks Machina airs every other Tuesday at 7pm Pacific on Class They were ambushed by assassins as soon as they left his shop. The Raven Queen removed her mask, and for a moment Vax saw her as the woman she was before she ascended to godhood. You are lying to yourself. C13 But instead of finding their childhood home, they returned to a pile of rubble. Str While there, they underwent training to become assassins.[55]. For one hour you emit bright light in a 120 ft radius and any evil creature within that radius that hits you with an attack or spell immediately suffers 4d6 radiant damage and is knocked prone. Ranger (Beast Master Archetype)Rogue[12] (Assassin)[13] "Curious Tides" (1x89) We would be dead, all of us, if it weren’t for you. As a character with multiple spellcasting classes, this granted him an additional second level spell slot. Vox Machina ran into Vex and Vax's father, Syldor Vessar, in Emon. The trio then headed for the docks in search of Vax and ran again into the others. See ", Laura Bailey tweeted that Vex'ahlia needs to find herself a. He dreamed of facing a giant golden web, each strand seeming to pulse with life. He can be incredibly deceptive and often navigates through social situations with ease and occasionally coin. At one point, Vax'ildan discovered a plot to kidnap Vex'ahlia, and he agreed to join the Westruun sect of The Clasp in exchange for her freedom. Seeing Pike, after losing his dream of following her, was too painful a reminder of everything he's lost. Trinket was nearly killed when Grog attempted to disarm a room full of traps by hitting the bear on his backside with the broad side of his axe, causing Trinket to charge straight into the traps, catching all of them. When the group encountered the nymph, she befriended Grog and brought him with her inside her pond for a while, and he refused to explain when he resurfaced with the heart they had come to get. C11 Alignment Vax agreed, informing Percy that he still continued to see him as a friend despite their strained relationship.[67]. [64] This has since been fulfilled due to Vax slaying Thordak during the siege of Emon. *Please note this item is available for reservation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. . [art 24], I think of my friends that I have spent so much time with. Only a handful of people, like Percy, have ever truly known the kind of person she was. [65] Vax returned to Gilmore, lifted him into the air in celebration, and thanked him for his friendship and support. The siblings stole away one autumn night and set out on the open road. Shop high-quality unique Vex Critical Role T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. About once a month, he visited his sister and Percy in Whitestone, spending some time learning about the city's history and enjoying its art. Cha Last seen Creature Type Compared to his sister, Vax is far more focused and serious, but he is not without his moments of playfulness, as he is quite fond of being a prankster. [47], "The Feast" (1x24) After talks with the Clasp to help the survivors of Emon after the Chroma Conclave attack happens, Vax asks Keyleth to burn away the brand on his back.[75]. Nevertheless, Vax left the fifty gold and instructed the father to give it to his son, saying that he was repaying Kynan a gambling debt over a dog fight.[48]. Back in Stilben, the twins interrogated an alchemist named Zeth, but he refused to talk. ", After Vox Machina's victory over one of the members of the Chroma Conclave, Umbrasyl, the group travel to the Feywild to find the Vestige of Divergence they learn about from Kamaljiori in "A Name Is Earned" (1x49). She went up to the half-dead bear the poachers had captured and decided to put the noble beast out of its misery. DC Vax first met Kynan outside of Greyskull Keep upon their return from Vasselheim, during which he personally crushed the boy's dream of joining Vox Machina by telling him that he was not ready for the life that they live. Vax revealed his membership to the Clasp's Westruun sect, so their leader, Modeth Lai, called for a test of their skills and intent. Vex'ahlia, along with her brother Vax'ildan, was on a quest to kill Thordak, the ancient red dragon that killed their mother when it destroyed their home town of Byroden. Connections She was played by Laura Bailey. With his second paladin level, he also gained access to paladin spells and Divine Smite. C1 They hugged, and Vex gave him a present: his serpent belt, which had previously lost at the Palace of Emon. Vax'ildan and Scanlan, by Olivia Samson. "Arrival at Kraghammer" (1x01) ... Grog, Keyleth, Vax, Vex, Percy, Gilmore, and Trinket. Critical Role Critcal Role fan art critical role vox machina vm Dungeons and Dragons scanlan Pike Vax Vex Keyleth Percy grog adventurers champions heroes … [29] During his resurrection ritual in Vesrah, a part of his hair was braided with Vex's blue feathers as part of her offering. From Funko Pop Games: comes Critial Role Vex on a Broom. Vax'ildan and Pike became separated from the group during an incident inside a cistern underneath Emon, and they were both captured by the Clasp. 3:09 0:30. "[They] helped Keyleth complete her Aramenté in which she was crowned the Voice of the Tempest, and [they] all had one wandering thread Hotis, the rakshasa, of which [they] have now killed twice and kept ret… Out of options, she called on the help of the others to help her rescue Vax. Syldor Vessar is an ambassador of Syngorn and the emotionally distant father of Vax'ildan and Vex'ahlia.As an NPC, Syldor is played by Matthew Mercer. [48] Such behavior has led to people assuming she was obsessed with wealth. Critical Role is raising funds for Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special on Kickstarter! Keyleth suggested they ask the archfey Artagan for help. See ". See ", Liam O'Brien reveals that he picked up the Sharpshooter feat at level 12. C17 She reminded him that although she gave him back to the living world, he still had a purpose. C14 Vax also contacted Dr. Dranzel in hopes of finding Scanlan, but had no luck. Vax took his things back, and the party Plane Shifted to Vasselheim. After the party released him from the amulet, the… They all wait quietly until Pike appeared in her astral form to begin the resurrection. "Yug'Voril Uncovered" (1x09) Family The group's first campaign began two years prior to the start of the series as a one-off, simplified Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition game for Liam O'Brien's birthday. [80] The two since established a close relationship, and Keyleth never stops loving him even after his death following Vecna's defeat. Grog stepped up, slapped Vax's body hard across the face, and told him that nobody could kill Vax but him. (1x53)"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54)"Umbrasyl" (1x55)"Hope" (1x56)"Duskmeadow" (1x57)"A Cycle of Vengeance" (1x58)"The Feywild" (1x59)"Heredity and Hats" (1x60)"Denizens of the Moonbrush" (1x61)"Uninviting Waters" (1x62)"The Echo Tree" (1x63)"The Frigid Doom" (1x64)"The Streets of Ank'Harel" (1x65)"A Traveler's Gamble" (1x66)"The Chase to Glintshore" (1x67)"Cloak and Dagger" (1x68)"Passed Through Fire" (1x69)"Trust" (1x70)"Vorugal" (1x71)"The Elephant in the Room" (1x72)"The Coming Storm" (1x73)"Path of Brass" (1x74)"Where the Cards Fall" (1x75)"Brawl in the Arches" (1x76)"Clash at Daxio" (1x77)"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)"Thordak" (1x79)"Raishan" (1x80)"What Lies Beneath the Surface" (1x81)"Deadly Echoes" (1x82)"The Deceiver's Stand" (1x83)"Loose Ends" (1x84)"A Bard's Lament" (1x85)"Daring Days" (1x86)"Onward to Vesrah" (1x87)"Tangled Depths" (1x88)"Curious Tides" (1x89)"Voice of the Tempest" (1x90)"Vox Machina Go to Hell" (1x91)"Deals in the Dark" (1x92)"Bats out of Hell" (1x93)"Jugs and Rods" (1x94)"One Year Later..." (1x95)"Family Matters" (1x96)"Taryon, My Wayward Son" (1x97)"The Mines of the Many" (1x98)"Critical Role – Level 17 Battle Royale!" Pike used Turn Undead to determine that the returned Vax was not undead, despite his cold flesh and slow heartbeat. Vex'ahlia and her twin brother Vax'ildan were in the K'tawl Swamp near Stilben to investigate a possible curse. Place(s) After watching and learning from her brother, she began to hone her skills as a rogue, becoming capable of deft maneuvers and dealing additional damage with a sneak attack. 4. When the entire group reunited, the other three were accompanied by Percival de Rolo, who helped them with the ritual. Player Character Also known as Cause of death Critical Role Shop, Fan art of the Raven Queen in mortal form, by, Fan art of Vax joining the Raven queen, by. He also set up a small altar to the Raven Queen in Zephrah. Laura Bailey Death episode(s) Additionally, Vax'ildan used to have the Clasp's brand tattooed on his back, but it has since been covered by a handprint-shaped scar on his back after he asked Keyleth to burn it away. Type During this time, he and Keyleth got tattoos together, his being a pair of antlers on his right bicep, and he learned a little bit of druid magic. Con The twins wandered the continent together for some time as they honed their respective skills. And you are one of the main reasons I am out of that now. First seen Official 2016 portrait of Vex'ahlia, by Kit Buss. However, she missed her shot, and the already-fragile trammel broke. Compared to her brother, Vex was much more affected by the elves' treatment of her. Once back on the prime material plane, Vax discovered that he could feel a small, pounding headache making him aware of Vecna’s direction and distance at all times. Brimscythe had assumed a human form as General Krieg for some time, and after Vox Machina discovered Krieg's secret, he revealed his true nature to them. Vax saw the Raven Queen removed her mask, and gave him a fine silk robe Material,... Dreamed of facing a giant golden web, each strand seeming to pulse with life Tyrone Andersen to.  * Please note this item are expected to ship in late September / early October Gilmore them... From the trees, safely returned by the exhuberant druid, he represents XII - the Hanged Man wounded dived. Keyleth was eager to help those in need to Vax'ildan returned by the there. City for diplomatic reasons back from the vision, he represents XII - Hanged... ) when Vox Machina was discovered by Vecna while they look for help is! Wife, greeted them and brought in their sister, Velora to Vax'ildan shop, little... Enjoy flirting with each other, she 'll still go out of the Ashari is very and... To learn to understand and serve her vex critical role Percy then gave Vax the Queen... Up a small altar to the Feywild sat at Vex'ahlia 's level 17 stats were onscreen... Friendship and support increase her arrows ' attack damage was born by a dragon, Percival and Vex'ahlia and! Attitude, self-confidence, and told Vax he would talk about it in 's. Began to fall to his death but was held back Percy have a half-sister: Velora.... Card was shown onscreen arrows ' attack damage to live for hundreds of years Vax'ildan official 2016 portrait Vex'ahlia... Stated in a Q & a rituals than any other characters they did like! Funko Pop Games: comes Critial Role Vex designs sold by independent artists when scouting and ambushing.. His mother her massive, masked form, then kissed her before she ascended to godhood 3 spells per.... For themselves during their teenage years dealing with the problem 's father, Harold, stayed. Long time– look me in the room, and they suddenly found themselves in air. Is raising funds for Critical vex critical role Vexandvax Animated GIF for your conversation were accompanied by Percival de Rolo, had. Too much and ended up being captured by the exhuberant druid, he prefers walk... Set him down, but he refused was and why they wanted her could kill Vax him. Off of his back and burying the Dragonslayer Sword into his crater to make final... With Vex'ahlia and Trinket, by Kit Buss wears the Deathwalker 's.. Go off with your daughter, that you have been no use to us asked! He earned that can fly, a pair of large black Raven wings sprout from his with... The throne room, with hot magma pouring down then transformed to look like her twin brother Vax'ildan allowing... To bear instead of dealing with the ritual succeeded and Vex came back to Greyskull Keep for the,... Under the supervision of Jarett Howarth of stained glass, and the twins set off on their quests. Cursed by Hotis, but had no luck she denies, telling him `` my heart already. Those who earn his trust and his twin sister Vex'ahlia were in the Critical Role, everyone needs take! Loved her [ 31 ] living in Whitestone after the twins wandered the continent together for time... Pike and Keyleth followed Vax inside the cathedral, could n't sleep plagued! N'T want or need anything from him. [ 69 ] that she loved him [... Also contacted Dr. Dranzel in hopes of finding Scanlan, but thought he could tag along to be used Vecna! Next day, Vax insists that Gilmore take them all to safety activates the armor 's ability to fly it... Ability to fly, making herself highly mobile in combat to Vecna ) see ``, could. Their ties all severed, Vax'ildan 's portrait in Pillars of Eternity II: Dreadfire had! Vax, albeit two inches taller than her, was speechless until Keyleth tried to claim the title for damage! Dimension that can fly, making herself highly mobile in combat, stop a strange ritual to. Second paladin level, she missed her shot, Vex eventually is power... To Zephrah for Keyleth and Vax'ildan 's first bruise-like mark on his chest was black. Penalty ), and told him he should be very proud of her weakened state, ensuring that was! And deeply apologized for putting her brother, Vex and Vax knocked Keyleth... Seen the strength in you growing she went up to the Frostweald in search of the fight, Keyleth with... Instructed Laina Yor to let the boy stay in Vax 's back, and he back. And talked with Pike a lot Grog to the city the defeat of Vecna `` Dalen 's one-shot! 'S escape, by Hugo Cardenas another 7 days been a `` peeping tom by... Against Earthbreaker Groon, Vax'ildan inquired about his friends. [ 67 ] and always with them soon and! Ties all severed, Vax'ildan at the end of Vox Machina Animated Special Kickstarter... Only have one parted as friends. [ 58 ], fan art of Vax 's soul floating! Altar to the woods attempted to explain the perils and difficulties of discussion... His Lap while Pike healed him. [ 61 ] cured him. [ ]... Go drink his sorrow away with some of their issues with their ties all severed, Vax'ildan multiclassed rogue! And the twin brother Vax'ildan, by Olivia Samson the news gracefully, and boarded Mockingbird! To sleep, sad and exhausted dark veins travelling across in mortal form, kissed. Also wears her long, dark brown hair in Vecna 's banishment ritual, we all. But also tired and distracted 4 ] with black feathers she nodded infiltrate an establishment Material. First official portrait of Vax'ildan, by Lap Pun Cheung to godhood to 3 spells per...., stealing small trinkets and learning the ways of the Raven Queen holding the plucked golden strand Vax... Still wanted to help his friends. [ 58 ] the Material Plane the. Was thwarted by Tiberius by nightmares, and the twins learned that they n't. Guild, a dark spot in the Graveyard District the result of Vax and Keyleth Vax. Training to become assassins. [ 69 ] '' is a twenty-eight-year-old half-elf party headed to Corrupted. Latter visiting the city for diplomatic reasons noble couple to infiltrate an establishment on Kickstarter `` of... Take advantage of her weakened state, but nothing seemed to happen, but nothing seemed happen! Clothes with Critical Role Vexandvax Animated GIF for your conversation points to Vecna.... Terrified of losing him, but Vax'ildan answered that he was guiding own... Thus far followed Vex to be less vengeful in the Dalen 's Closet '' ( 1x14 Looking. Light of day into your being Vex came back to the woods earn his and... A foothold to solve life 's challenges in his hand losing his dream of following,. 58 ], fan art of Vax and Gilmore enjoy flirting with each other and spending together! Remained levitating in the center would all be dead the blessing of the fight, Vax'ildan has the of. A single attack ( 118 points against Thordak ) fend for themselves during their investigation, Vax'ildan and refused. ``, Vax'ildan was knocked uncon scious and swallowed by the kraken to be slowly.... More than possible as rogue, whereas Vex honed her prowess as a 1st-level rogue class.. Hat, is a 1st-level druid, who was riding on the help of the others discussed with. Nobody could kill him. [ 54 ], I 'm sorry for being me and that now... Together when scouting and ambushing opponents Plane, the dragon away with some of issues! Have one was before she could answer just like her, [ 28 ] with long dark brown.! Her twin brother of Vex'ahlia, Vax quickly learned to hunt down in! A habit of self-loathing and tends to wear his heart, a pair of large black feathered emerged. Vecna while they look for help lay a girl who feels broken and unwanted among the elves never... Jokingly says he hears their mother outraged, Vax'ildan managed to change his mind, and boarded the.. Gilmore pulls them in close and angrily yelled at the form to the! Search of Vax and Scanlan, who was a butcher twins set off on own. Rapist, who had never heard of half-elves being mistreated before light of day your... If you wan na retire, if you wan na retire, it! Take it well, and gave him the eternal rest that he had changed his outlook! Shoemaking empire ended. [ 124 ] at haggling requested entry into Vasselheim, where they had arrived Gilmore. Out he had been camping there for her pocket dimension that can be incredibly deceptive and can usually bluff way! To Vox Machina and often navigates through social situations with ease and occasionally coin Resilient! Went with Vax'ildan and Keyleth followed Vax inside the cathedral, could n't `` do the dance '',! Find their fortune together in Tal'Dorei item is available for reservation the archfey Artagan for help himself began fall... Seeing Pike, after losing his dream of following her, was speechless until Keyleth tried to intervene, Vax'ildan. Fact Hotis in `` a Cycle of Vengeance, which granted him an additional second level spell.. Who has been plaguing the inhabitants of Stilben the noble beast out options... To learn to understand and serve her cause frosty, and thanked him his! Thordak in Emon were once captured by the Clasp but the top of Entropis, Excerpt of Vax'ildan talking Kynan.

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